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"The Dream of Yourself" is about the discovery of the “other” in yourself, through a spiritual exploration of your subconsciousness.


This is a collaborative university project we have worked on. If you are interested you can participate in a short survey to answer questions about your preferences and experience playing this game. We would appreciate you giving detailed feedback about our game.

Thank you in advance!


  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux



  • Arkady Gribachev: Project management, environment arts, level design and sound design
  • Ethem Kurt: Software development, technical advision and quality assurance
  • Leonard Nicolai Liebler: Character and level concepts, game mechanics design, level design, character rigging and animations
  • Narek Babyan: 3D character arts, 3D asset arts and character concept arts


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The Dream of Yourself for Windows 261 MB
Version 1
The Dream of Yourself for macOS 274 MB
Version 1
The Dream of Yourself for Linux 290 MB
Version 1

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My Gameplay Here!

This is the exact kind of creepy, bizarre puzzle adventure that I can't get enough of. However, the RAGE was really starting to get to me near the end lol. Platforming with no powers and getting the sh*t beat out of you for trying was starting to toe the line between challenging and bullsh*t.

Also. I confess, the theme of exploring the subconscious was a little lost on me, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the HELL out of the journey! Loved it. What a trip.

I kept getting lost


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I got to what I assume is the very end where you are at the very top of the bell tower and I shot all the leg creatures off of the tower but one of them managed to get stuck in the floor locking me out of the ending.

We are sorry to hear about that. We will look into fixing it.


este juego me parecio muy extraño pero a la vez fascinante jajaj me gusto en verdad , le hice un gameplay espero que lo disfrutes mucho c: sigue asi !! gran trabajo !! 


Despite loving this game's graphics and aesthetics, I found myself incredibly frustrated by the level design- the main 'punishment' for doing a section wrong is being pushed back to a previous area, but since so many areas look so similar I couldn't tell where I had been put. Plus the 'worm' motion gave me severe motion sickness.

i dont know if i got a bug but WASD controls dind not work i had to shuffle between A & D while pressing W to advance in Zig Zag.

That’s an interesting bug. What keyboard did you use and when did that happen?

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Im using a off brand office keyboard. Acteck. 

To be honest my keyboard is old but i had no problems with it yet.

here is a clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/PluckyInventiveHippoCharlietheUnicorn-E1Nn5xVQ3de1HPuy 
Hope it helps.

Hello there. Despite of liking your idea, your game and it's aesthetics I preffer the more noticeable cga/pixel effect of the first "draft" of the game (only the first level) because it was more unique. Now it seems more like any average game, and it's a shame.

Wellfare to you all.


I loved your game ! here is my gameplay


I play your game. :)


Comment form Poland. I don't like play horrors but this was perfection for me. Thank you for this experience :D 

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11/10 fell through the ground, got lost, I'm back at the beginning now

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Is there an ending? I'm just stuck in a yellow light at the end and have to manually exit the game, there's nothing else. 🤔 I'm all for symbolism, but I don't like being left wondering what I'm missing.

We have only published the first level of our game for play-testing purposes. We will add more levels in the upcoming days. My apologies for underdelivering your expectations.


Bizarre, surreal and interesting at the same time. Can't wait to see this game complete. Keep it up, man!

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nice creepy


Great weird game i didnt have any bugs or something so thats great Keep up the good work👍


Scary Eyeball!