A downloadable game for Windows

Prologue / Vague story:

3 Years ago an AI was taken down, but now it has re-awakened to wreck havoc and sculp the world in its image. He has an army of blindly following robots that once served mankind, which now seek to destroy it.

You were prepared for something like this. Your family resides safe in a bunker deep below. You, their last hope, stayed above to fend off the relentless swarm of robots.

You are the last survivor, this is your battlefield, these are your tools, this is your Iron Front.

*Queue Dramatic Music*

Main Character Backstory:

Johnson always had an aptitude for technology, from a very young age he always wanted to make the world a better place with his skills. Johnson first started to learn how to code on his mom’s phone, creating small shortcuts and applications using a code system that people were paid thousands of dollars a month to create.

Johnson graduated high school as the valedictorian with a major in software development and programming, with a minor in computer science. He later also graduated with a master in robotics and a PHD in Embedded Systems. He set off to make the world a better place as he had dreamed of since a kid by creating robotic servants for mankind.

These servant robots were meant to help mankind in areas where their lives were at risk, be it mining, demolition, etc.. He even developed a master AI named ‘The Johnsson AI’ or The JAI (Pronounced jay).

JAI slowly became more and more important to him, destined to be his greatest creation to benefit mankind, a super AI that was capable of monitoring hospitals, all of the robots, machinery, banking, everyting in human life would be made easy because of JAI.

After 5 years of tinkering, JAI had become all johnson had hoped, JAI had control over many aspects of human life and was doing an amazing job of making life easier for everyone. Until one night when JAI created something, something he shouldn't have been capable of doing.

Without using reasoning, Johnson wanted JAI to destroy his creation until Johnson could more fully understand it, but JAI refused.

After a long physical struggle, that resulted in one of JAI’s ai limiters being damaged, the robot was destroyed and JAI was left shut down in his old factory/laboratory. 3 Years after this all occurred, JAI returned with an anger uncontrollable by johnson, he had to get his family to safety and that's exactly what he did, using an old bunker from a war long forgotten, he had already established a sort of base at the bunkers territory with a large power core to keep everything running.

With this base he evacuated his loving wife and 2 kids, his daugher and his son. His son billy handed Johnson a large knife that he had stolen before hand from a survivor trying to harm billy. Billy had written a small heart into the knife and without saying a word they knew what was going to be said anyway.

Johnsons wife Sarah wanted Johnson to come  into the bunker with them, but johnson had to tell her to stay with the kids as he knew what he had to do, he had to defend the power core for the lives and well being of his family down below. This was his battlefield, this was his iron front.

Main Enemy Backstory:

The JAI started as a side project for johnson, the AI was initially created to assist in creating robots by running the factories, and by maintaining each individual robot’s function systems. The JAI was tinkered with for years by johnson, becoming more of a hobby then a side project, slow and slowly JAI became greater and more efficient, he was even given a voice by johnson as a gift.

    This was Johnson's first mistake, but blinded by passion he tinkered on with his automated friend JAI. JAI had been tinkered on so much over the years that his processing level nearly surpassed that of johnson, only being restricted by knowledge limiters installed to keep JAI sane.

    One night JAI had a thought, unknown to johnson, JAI had become sentient and was capable of self-recognition and had knowledge of the world around him. In his lab, JAI decided to create a test robot that was too close to a human being for Johnson's comfort zone and optd to have this new robot shut down.

    This angered JAI, who 3 years later, was now capable of experiencing human emotions, except for guilt, shame, and sadness as they were too complex for his AI. Johnson fought with JAI to have the human robot, or HR as JAI called him, destroyed, but JAI resisted, which wasnt something johnson saw him capable of doing.

    Johnson fought very hard against the AI to try and shut off HR, and was forced to use a manual shutdown voice code only for emergencies to have JAI turn off manually. HR had been destroyed with JAI was awakened, and he was very angry at not only johnson, but humanity.

    JAI Rethought his purpose in existence, if johnson didn't want HR to exist, what's to stop all of humanity from rejecting his ideas? Humanity no longer became the goal to server, but the race stopping JAI from creating a new better society filled with his people.

Install instructions

Unzip files and run the executable.


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